Oyo state government has expressed its readiness to partner with North China Construction Nigeria Limited to rehabilitate the Asejire Water Dam, which is expected to improve the water supply, irrigation, agriculture, and employment sectors in the state. The partnership was announced during a recent meeting between Elias Adeojo, the chairman of Oyo Water Corporation, and a delegation of civil engineers from North China Construction Nigeria Limited,  in Adeojo’s office at the Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan.

The Asejire Water Dam on the Osun River, about 30 km from Ibadan, was constructed in 1978 and has a capacity of 186.5 million cubic meters. It supplies water to Ibadan and its environs, as well as some parts of Osun state. However, the dam has been facing some challenges such as siltation, leakage, and vandalism, which have reduced its efficiency and output.

Adeojo said that the Oyo state government under the leadership of engineer Seyi Makinde has made water supply one of its top priorities, as it is essential for the health and well-being of the people. He said that the government has invested heavily in security, which has made the state attractive to investors from all over the world. He said that the government is also committed to developing the economy and creating jobs for the youth.

He explained that the partnership with North China Construction Nigeria Limited is part of the government’s efforts to rehabilitate and upgrade the existing water infrastructure in the state. He said that the company has proven expertise and experience in water engineering and construction projects. He said that the company will collaborate with the corporation in the reconstruction of water reservoirs and the laying of pipes to designated areas across the state.

He added that the partnership will also benefit the irrigation and agriculture sectors, as it will provide adequate and reliable water for farming activities. He said that this will boost food production and security in the state. He said that the partnership will also create employment opportunities for the local people, especially in the areas of engineering, construction, and maintenance.

He expressed his gratitude to North China Construction Nigeria Limited for choosing to partner with Oyo state government and assured them of the government’s support and cooperation. He also thanked corporation’s general managerK.W. Mustafa and its directors for their dedication and hard work.

He concluded by saying that he is hopeful that the partnership will be successful and will contribute to the development and prosperity of Oyo state.

According to independent.ng, Adeojo also revealed that Oyo state government has allocated N9 billion for water projects in 2023. He said that this shows the government’s determination to provide potable water for all residents of Oyo state.

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