In an effort to uphold transparency in the creation of a health centre for the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria in Ijanikin, Lagos, the management of the institution reviewed proposals from nine construction firms on Dec. 21.

The college’s management says these proposals will undergo a thorough evaluation process, and the company with the most “technically effective” proposal will be chosen to execute the project.

The companies submitting proposals include Vibrant Builders Limited (N260,5,478,85); Seninta Services Limited (N260,562,863,15); Safe Frames Construction Company Limited (N221,896,546,57); and Abtool Engineering Services Limited (N310,525,747). Other companies include Boasis Company Limited (N318,2,358,73); New Balance Corporate Services Limited (226,524,95,35); Symroyal Integrated Limited (250,697,734,9); Coastline Engineering Limited (238,408,45,18); and Ams Herald Limited (235,533,770,38).

As reported by Vanguardngr, during the bid opening ceremony in Lagos, Akinsanya Osibogun, President of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, outlined the criteria for a company’s proposal to be considered. He emphasized that the company must offer a competitive price and be registered with the relevant government agencies, among other requirements.

He further stated, “The college engages only with socially responsible organisations. To be considered for this project, your company must be registered with the appropriate government agencies and comply with the Bureau of Public Procurement’s requirements. We will first evaluate the technical effectiveness of the proposals, followed by the pricing. The college will then select the most effective bidder after a technical assessment of

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