Nigeria’s correctional service is working on construction projects to modernize Nigeria’s dilapidated custodial centres, says Abubakar Umar, the service’s spokesperson.

He informed NAN on Dec. 21 that there are currently 77,849 inmates, both convicted and awaiting trial, in the country’s correctional facilities.

Umar disclosed that out of the total inmates, 24,013 have been convicted. He further broke down the figures, stating that the convicted inmates consist of 23,569 males and 444 females. This was reported by TheCable.

He pointed out that, according to statistics, 69% of the inmates in Custodial Centres are awaiting trial, while the remaining 31% are convicted inmates.

Umar acknowledged that one of the service’s challenges is the state of the custodial structures, which are dilapidated. He noted that this has resulted in overcrowded and congested spaces within the centres.

To address this, he revealed that the government has recently built 3,000 ultra-modern additional custodial facilities across the six geopolitical zones. This initiative, Umar said, would not only decongest the centres but also improve the welfare and health of the inmates.

He announced that the facility in Kano has been inaugurated and they are anticipating the swift completion of the remaining facilities under construction.

Umar also mentioned that the construction of the Abuja and Port Harcourt centres is nearing completion and they are set to be inaugurated soon.

He expressed gratitude towards the federal government for allocating N585 million for the settlement of inmates’ fines, a move aimed at decongesting correctional centres nationwide.

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