Craneburg Construction Company Limited is the contractor for the ongoing Rehabilitation/Re-Construction/Upgrade of the Eti-Osa/Lekki/Epe Expressway (Phase IIB) from Greensprings to Abraham Adesanya in Lagos. This project is a vital initiative that will benefit the entire community by improving the road infrastructure, enhancing safety and security, and boosting economic and social activities. According to Independent Nigeria, the company has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring significant progress on this project while promising to implement efficient traffic management measures to minimize disruptions and ensure a smoother commute for all road users.

The project involves the rehabilitation, re-construction, and upgrade of the existing road from Greensprings to Abraham Adesanya, which is about 18.75 km long. The project scope includes:

  • Widening the road from two lanes to three lanes in each direction
  • Constructing service lanes, slip roads, and pedestrian bridges
  • Installing street lights, traffic lights, and CCTV cameras
  • Providing drainage systems, culverts, and sidewalks
  • Landscaping and beautification of the road corridor

The project is expected to be completed and delivered by early 2024.

Road construction of this magnitude inevitably leads to temporary traffic diversions, reducing the number of lanes available for road users. Moreover, the occasional breakdowns and accidents involving heavy-duty vehicles, which are prevalent on this axis, further exacerbate traffic congestion on the already limited lanes, occasionally causing bottlenecks.

To mitigate these challenges, Craneburg Construction Company has implemented a series of measures as part of the project to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. These measures include:

  • Deploying road signs and diversion barriers to guide road users
  • Ensuring that some lanes remain open and pothole-free during construction
  • Implementing an accelerated and strategic execution program for both daytime and nighttime works
  • Deploying well-trained and motivated traffic management personnel to control traffic
  • Collaborating closely with the Lagos State government and other relevant stakeholders

Craneburg Construction Company has also displayed some visual representations of the previous and current states of the road under the project, showcasing the tangible progress made in these traffic management efforts.

The project is a commendable and vital initiative that will benefit the entire community in many ways. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improving the road infrastructure and reducing travel time and cost
  • Enhancing safety and security for road users and pedestrians
  • Boosting economic and social activities along the road corridor
  • Creating employment opportunities for local residents
  • Promoting environmental sustainability and aesthetics

Craneburg Construction Company has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering a high-quality project that will meet the expectations of the Lagos State government and the public. The company has also expressed its gratitude to all road users for their patience, cooperation, and adherence to traffic regulations, as this is essential for a smooth traffic flow.

The company has urged all road users to avoid actions that may adversely affect traffic management, such as:

  • Non-compliance with road signs and regulations
  • Disregard for the guidance and directions of traffic management personnel
  • Vehicle breakdowns leading to road obstructions
  • Impatient driving

Craneburg Construction Company has assured all road users that it will continue to work hard to ensure significant progress on this project while implementing efficient traffic management measures to minimize disruptions and ensure a smoother commute for all.

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