Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, has revealed that approximately 200 units of semi-detached, detached, fully detached duplexes, and terraces are currently under construction at the Muhammadu Buhari Estate in Abeokuta. These housing units are at an advanced stage of completion and are expected to be delivered before the end of the year.

Governor Abiodun emphasized that his administration is committed to providing affordable housing for all segments of society. The ongoing construction at the estate, located along Kobape Road, Abeokuta, is a significant step toward achieving this goal.

According to a report by The Guardian, this initiative aims to address housing needs in Ogun State and provide affordable homes for residents.

Some of the buildings being constructed have already been fully paid for, while partial payments have been made for others. Governor Abiodun stressed the importance of contractors stepping up their efforts to meet the project’s completion deadline.

In his words: “The reason I came here today is to see how we are doing and to reconcile the delivery date with the level of progress on the project. I am impressed, but I think the contractors can work harder. I have instructed the Ogun State Property Investment Corporation (OPIC) to immediately call a meeting with all contractors and read them the riot act. We want to finish this project in no distant future.”

The Muhammadu Buhari Estate is being developed under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. In this model, the state provides the land and necessary infrastructure, while contractors, real estate companies, and builders construct the structures. The resulting housing units will be sold for mutual benefit between the state and other parties involved.

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